Toys for Kids

Choosing the Right Child Development Toys By Age And Stage

Toys for young children should match their emerging abilities and stages of development. Many safe and suitable play materials are free and typically available just right at home. Even plastic bowls and lids, cardboard boxes, collections of plastic bottle caps, and a few other treasures can be used for children of different ages.

To learn more, read the following lists below of highly suggested toys for young children of different ages. Keep in mind that any safe and appropriate items for their ages are an excellent choice for children.

Good toys for little infants – from birth through 6 months

  • Things they can hold for, shake, suck on, make noise with like rattles, squeeze toys, textured balls, soft dolls, teething toys, and vinyl and board books.
  • Things they can listen to like books with poems and nursery rhymes, and recordings of simple songs and lullabies.
  • Pictures of faces they can look at, so baby can see them and unbreakable mirrors to see their reflection.

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Good toys for older infants – from 7 to 12 months

  • Things they can use to play pretend with such as puppets, baby dolls, water toys, and wood and plastic cars.
  • Items they can drop and take out such as large beads, plastic bowls, nesting toys, and colorful balls.
  • Something they can use to build with like large wooden cubes and soft blocks.
  • Things to use their large muscles with like push and pull toys, large balls, and low, soft stuff they can crawl over.

Good toys for 1-year-olds

  • Board books with simple illustrations of real objects.
  • Recordings with simple stories, songs, rhymes, and short phrases.
  • Something to create with like large paper, non-toxic, washable markers, and crayons.
  • Things to pretend with like toy phones, dolls and doll beds, dress-up accessories, stuffed toys, puppets, plastic animals, and wood and plastic vehicles.
  • Things they can use to build with such as wood blocks and cardboard.
  • Things for using their small and large muscles like large pegboards, puzzles, and small and large balls.

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Good toys for 2-year-olds

  • Things for solving problems like blocks that snap together, wood puzzles, objects to sort out (by shape, color, size), and stuff with buttons, buckles, and snaps.
  • Things use for pretending and building like blocks, construction sets, smaller transportation toys, dolls with accessories, puppets, dress-up clothes, child-sized furniture (kitchen sets, play food, chairs), and sand and water play toys.
  • Things to create with like large paint brushes and fingerpaint, large non-toxic, washable crayons and markers, colored construction paper, large paper for drawing and painting, toddler-sized scissors with blunt tips, and chalkboard and large chalk.
  • Illustration books with more details than those books use for younger children.
  • DVD players with a variety of different fun children musical shows.
  • Things for using their small and large muscles like small and large balls intended for throwing and kicking, ride-on equipment (but not tricycles not unless they reach 3-years-old), low climbers with soft material underneath, tunnels, and pounding and hammering toys.

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