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Most Dangerous Toys For Kids Of All Time Parents Should Know

When we talk about product liability, a story of a hazardous toy or a childhood injury never fails to come up. While there are a ton of injuries announced by manufacturing oversights, there are just a few toys that are merely plain irresponsible. So we have gathered our top five list of the most hazardous toys for kids of all time. This way, parents, especially the new ones, will avoid such toys that may cause harm to their children.


There were 246,875 trampoline injuries happen every year in the US alone, according to the American Relationship of Orthopedic Specialists, making trampolines come in first as the most hazardous toy ever! There were even 11 reported trampoline-related deaths cases between 1990 and 1999.

If someone you know happens to endure a trampoline injury, your prompt reaction will rely on how severe the damage is. If the injured suffers a sprain or broken bone, take the patient to the hospital right away; however, if there is a possibility of an expected spine or neck injury, it is best to call 911 immediately. Do not attempt to move the victim and wait for the EMS to arrive., The Finest Toyshop in the World



Jarts, also known as lawn darts, were extremely popular during the 1980’s, and were advertised as a grown-up toy intended for a game like horseshoes. Jarts were expected to be hurled underhand, and land in the ground with their spiked metal tip.

In 1998, despite the total boycott in the US and Canada, and a CPSC warning to obliterate any remaining Jart sets, people could still purchase and sell parts of them legally. Plus, there is even an underground Jarts competition in Dayton, Ohio.

The Austin Magic Pistol

In the 1940s, the well-known Austin Magic Pistol was promoted as a toy space gun yet utilized genuine Calcium Carbide, which, when blended in with water, causes an explosive reaction, propelling a ping-pong ball out of the gag at an alarming rate of speed. They were then quickly removed from the market after reports started pouring in regarding the fireball-related injuries.

The vintage toy gun has become something of an object of want for toys or firearms (or toy weapons) collectors as many of the original toys detonated during discharging.

Magnetix Magnet Building Sets

Designed for 6-years-old and above, Magnetix were recalled after one death incident, and the other 26 injuries needing Emergency surgery were reported. Kids were gulping the little, yet powerful magnetic balls. If the kid, at that point, gulped a second magnet or a metallic object, the pieces would pull in to one another inside the intestines, which could then prompt possibly lethal apertures and blockage.

Photo from, The Finest Toyshop in the World


Professor Wacko’s Exothermic Exuberance

The Professor Wacko Exothermic Exuberance chemistry set was supposed to be an educational toy for kids to learn about how heat and fire works by the way of chemical reactions. Unsurprisingly, they discovered that by blending even just small amounts of these chemicals glycerine and potassium permanganate could respond with heat and fire.

Photo: Oak Ridge Associated Universities

A few occurrences were reported to the CPSC, including at least two house fires after bottle caps of the above chemicals were incidentally switched. In 1994, the Wild Goose Co. reviewed the exothermic science kit., The Finest Toyshop in the World, The Finest Toyshop in the WorldHamleys toy shop gives every child the enlightening experience of finding joy in toys. Choose from a wide collection of Soft Toys, Action Cars, Dolls and much more. Smiles become larger when your little ones have their favorite toy! Shop by age, by brand, by hot deals and special discounts when you shop at today!

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