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12 Baby Shark Toys and Gift Ideas For Kids

Do you have a kid who is a huge fan of Baby Shark? From the catchy song to baby shark toys to any baby shark accessories. Well, lucky you because we’ve got a complete list for every baby shark fanatic out there. Check out what’s on our list and let these be your guide on what to buy next for your baby shark enthusiast.

Baby Shark Tablet

This beginner “tablet” offers loads of play modes and a volume button for weary parents. If this is not up to your alley, try the smartphone.

Baby Shark Song Puppet

This puppet can sing “Baby Shark,” depending on how fast you can move its mouth.

Underwater Shark Family VANS Sneakers

These kicks will give your kids the coolest flippers they can have ever. Plus, you can also get Baby Shark designs as a decal on a plain, white shoe, or a chevron pattern.

Baby Shark Fingerlings

Fingerlings x Baby Shark responds to movement, sound, and touch, and if you move this little guy in a wave-like motion, you will hear him splash around and sing.

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Baby Shark Play-Doh Set

This fun kit includes twelve cans of Play-Doh, which allows kids to build out their Shark Family. This Play-Doh also comes with adult and baby shark cutters, five extra cutters (to make glasses for Grandma, a mustache for Grandpa, or teeth) a Pinkfong stamper, a fish mold, a roller, a knife, a coral roller, and a seaweed accessory.

Baby Shark Sheet Set, Kids Bedding, Shark Family

For kids who want to play, eat, and even sleep Baby Shark, this bed-in-a-bag set will give them the best sharky dreams they could have.

Baby Shark Song Doll

The OG Baby Shark doll that began it all, this stuffed animal plays the “Baby Shark” song when you try to squeeze it. It also comes in Daddy, Mommy, and Baby Shark.

Baby Shark Song Cube

At under $10, this mini sound cube makes for an excellent stocking stuffer. It also plays the famous Baby Shark song when you squeeze it.

Baby Shark Dancing Doll

Or you may want to try the dancing doll instead that shimmies and shakes when you press its head. Plus, when you press the fin, it will sing two additional bonus songs if you are sick of the main one.

Baby Alive Baby Shark Doll

Now your little girls can take Baby Shark to the tub when they need to take a bath since the Baby Alive Baby Shark doll is waterproof and ready to dive in. And, if they aren’t in the mood to play the baby shark doll, they can easily enjoy the regular doll by taking off the hood and its tail.

Baby Shark Plush Minis

These mini plush toys are ideal for small hands to have and to hold. Plus, they don’t make any noise.

Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark Bath Toy

Plop this one in water, and it’ll activate and start swimming and singing automatically.

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