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8 Popular Toys Your Kids Won’t Stop Talking About

It’s not Christmas or New Year yet, but that doesn’t mean your kids will have to wait until December to receive anything special from you like toys. If you think they deserve one, we have listed a few in here with all the toys and gift ideas you need to know.

The Blume Dolls by SkyRocket

One of the hottest toys for little girls is slated to be these new Blume Dolls. They come in a cute flower pot, and once you water them, they begin to grow! Your child will be surprised once she sees which Blume Doll she’ll get. It will be exciting as there are over 20 different adorable dolls to collect.

The Blume Dolls’ hair is a giant funky soft foam that she can take off, place on the other dolls, and more. Plus, you can also decorate their flower pot with exclusive stickers and accessories that come with it and use it as a play-set.

The Treasure X Kings Gold Hunter Pack

It’s time to track down some treasure! You’ll need the X tool to crash through the plank and dig through the majestic rock to find your treasure Hunter, weapon, and treasure chest. There are 24 must-have Hunters to collect., The Finest Toyshop in the World

Star Wars “Baby Yoda” Action Figure

It’s one of the most anticipated toys of 2020.  Yes, we’re talking about The Child from The Mandalorian, best known as Baby Yoda.  This action figure is excellent for kids of all ages, especially for avid fans of Star Wars, the Mandalorian, and the like.

The New ‘Friends’ Monopoly

This one is for a bit older kids, but one you’ll enjoy playing even more.  You’ll get to advance to places like All the Thanksgivings, Ross’ Teeth, Central Perk, Joey’s Boat, and so many more friends faves.  You gotta love to see the tokens you get to be too!

The Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends

One of the top-selling new dolls of the year, these little cuties will eat their snacks that your kiddos feed them! There are five different dolls to settle on like Marsha Mello, Peppa Mint, Jessicake, Donatina, and the Rainbow Kate that everybody has been talking about.

The Air Hogs Zero Gravity Race Car Chaser

For boys, let them have this super cool race car, which they can enjoy with their friends!  They’ll use the laser-guided gun to point where they want the car to race to, and then, well, it’ll race right to it!  It can climb walls and even the ceiling without leaving any marks.  They will surely enjoy it!, The Finest Toyshop in the World

The LOL Surprise Car-Pool Coupe

This year, it’s all about the latest rose-gold LOL Surprise Car-Pool Coupe!  And, yes, the rear extends out to an actual pool, which you can fill up with some water and has a dance floor.  The headlights pop-up and switch on as black-lights that’ll show secret messages on the exclusive Drag Racer doll that’s included.

The Official Frozen 2 Singing Elsa Fashion Doll

Elsa is the brand new “it” doll thanks to the movie Frozen 2. Your little girl will get the wow effect once she hears her sing the famous song, “Into the Unknown.” With a single press of a button, her blue dress will light up, and more!, The Finest Toyshop in the World, The Finest Toyshop in the WorldHamleys toy shop gives every child the enlightening experience of finding joy in toys. Choose from a wide collection of Soft Toys, Action Cars, Dolls and much more. Smiles become larger when your little ones have their favorite toy! Shop by age, by brand, by hot deals and special discounts when you shop at today!

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