Dolls for Girls

Best Baby Dolls For Your Child

A cute baby doll is what every little child wants. Your little girl in your life might also want a soft cuddle buddy to sleep with, or a little baby doll that she could dress-up and style. So, here are some of the best baby dolls for your precious little one.

Adora Playtime “Little Prince” Baby Boy Doll

The 18-inch Adora Friends dolls come with individual, unique styles. Inspired by the vision and drawings from young Adora Doll fans, Adora creates a new baby doll in their line every year. Adora also offers dozens of outfits and accessories that you can purchase separately for your child’s taste for her baby doll. Plus, each baby doll is non-toxic, machine washable, and perfect for kids ages 1-year-old onwards.

Corolle Mon Doudou Babibunny

The 12-inch Babibunny Night Light strikes the balance of looking both adorable and realistic, as well as having a delicious vanilla scent. These baby dolls are snuggly enough for younger babies and fit just right for small hands. Pressing the tummy can also create a soft light and play eight different soothing songs.

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HABA Snug-up Doll Luis

Haba’s 8-inch Luis, which has a tailored outfit, is one of the best baby dolls you can give for your young baby. It is also one of the few boy-themed baby dolls that is known to be safe for infants. It has a soft beanie bottom to help him sit upright; this Haba Luis baby doll is completely machine washable and plush.

Mary Meyer Taggies Developmental Baby Doll

This baby doll from Taggies is small in size and very affordable. Not just that, they are safe for babies to play with too. It features a combination of textured tags, perfect for young children to help them practice grasping and holding, both of which are essential motor skills. This machine-washable doll is just 8 inches tall, making it an ideal size for small hands.

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Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pods Sweet Pea

In the beginning, this doll makes the perfect lovey for your child. But as she gets older, they will start incorporating this doll into pretend play. Your child will love taking this baby doll in and out of its pod, which helps them practice their motor skills. The cozy bunting makes your toddler feel like she is caring for a baby on her own. Aside from the adorable pea pod, you can also get dolls that nestle into a bug, peanut, bunny or get two peas in a single pod. Yes, you can have twins too!

Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Beige

These cuddly Baby Stella dolls come in a great variety of hairstyles as well as skin tones. It also comes with a magnetic mouth, which your child is likely to become obsessed with. Moreover, this doll has a plush pacifier that your child can stick to its magnetic mouth. Another great addition to this baby doll is its magnetic bottle as part of a feeding set but sold separately. You can also purchase more outfits for your baby’s doll and accessories like rain gear, beach items, a diaper bag, a bathtub, and even a stroller.

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