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7 Adorable Birthday Gift Ideas For Kids

For most of us, birthdays are a big deal, especially when it comes to our child’s special day. That’s why, as parents, we want to give our child the best.  And when it comes to birthday gifts, we want to present them something special too! That’s why we’ve made our list of gift ideas that your little boys and girls will surely love.

Shaving Kit For Boys

Every little boy aspires to be just like his dad when he grows up. They even tend to imitate his dad’s behavior. And for that, the shaving kit specially made for children is a great birthday gift for your little boy. It comes with foam, a brush, as well as a toy razor. Your kid can join his dad’s morning shaving session with his very own kiddie shaving kit. It can also be their father-son bonding time.

A Pair Of Binoculars

You must have owned and loved this when you were a kid. It’s about time that you give your child a pair of binoculars as a birthday gift and let him experience the same fun you had when you were once a little kid! He will certainly carry it wherever he goes. Toy binoculars are perfect for kids who like to act as a secret agent or if he enjoys nature and watches them from afar.

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Cars Made From Kinetic Sand

Plastic toy cars are one of the most played toys by little boys. But eventually, your child will start losing interest in it. So why not give him a unique toy car that’s a bit different from the usual toy car he has instead.  The kinetic sand cars, for instance. It has the basic car chassis made out of the kinetic sand, a particular type of sand that is similar to clay. The kinetic sand holds its shape for a longer duration once it is molded.

Science Experiment Kit

This gift is perfect for kids who are slightly older and show such an interest in science. It comes with almost all the apparatus your child needs when conducting experiments. This is a perfect birthday gift as it helps a child learn more about the underlying principles of each experiment.

Styling Kit For Barbies And Dolls

Barbies and dolls are classic toys that will never go out of style and a perfect birthday gift for your little girls. They will surely love it as they can complement it with a styling kit. Plus, she can doll up her Barbie or doll in so many lovely ways using some cute accessories you can find in the box.

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Bracelet-Making Kit

If your child is into arts and craft activities, this bracelet-making kit is a perfect birthday gift. She can create her bracelet with different colored ribbons, accessories to decorate and personalize them, and a lot more. She can even create more personalized bracelets for each of her friends.

Magnetic Sketch Board

Kids, nowadays, prefer doing all they want on a digital tablet. Replace that with this etch-a-sketch that brings back the physicality of the art. With this magnetic sketch board, your child can draw her favorite objects and instantly erase them anytime they want.

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